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Class 1/2/3/LAPL Medical Certificates: COVID-19 Assessment Process

Class 1/2/3/LAPL Medical Certificates: COVID-19 Assessment Process

The CAA ave established a process for Pilots (and ATCO's) who contract COVID-19 which can be found here.

The associated Notes state:

1) If the diagnosis is uncertain or not available (e.g. symptoms m anaged at home without testing) pilots & ATCOs should cease flying / controlling and seek medical advice from the NHS as appropriate.

2) Pilots/ATCOs who are admitted to hospital and/or have continuing symptoms from COVID should seek aeromedical advice from their AME.

  • Unresolved cases and/or those who required hospital respiratory support shall be assessed as unfit. Medical reports /discharge summaries from treating specialists will be required to confirm recovery and any follow-up tests required (e.g. Lung function/X-Ray/CT etc) should be available.
  • All cases with impaired respiratory function should be assessed by a chest physician to include lung function testing (including transfer factor and imaging if indicated) and the reports submitted to the AME.
  • Class 1 and 3 with enduring impaired lung function should be referred to the CAA.

3) Pilots/ATCOs who make a full uncomplicated recovery should not fly for a minim um period of 7 days from full symptom resolution. Uncomplicated cases do not require follow-up, but should follow all Government Public Health Guidance regarding infection control procedures.Pilots/ATCOs who have had significant illness and/or respiratory impairment and remain under clinical follow-up should copy the reports of their medical reports and tests to their AME (see note 2).

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