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A key benefit of AOPA membership is the personal nature of the service we give to our members, Individual or Corporate, when you ask for advice and support.

Our help and advice has saved our members much time, often much expense and enabled you to keep flying. But please get us involved at the earliest possible time and before you have started any proceedings that will cost you money. Legal professionals are poorer because of the fees that members have saved due to our advice and support.

We have helped, and continue to help, members with their aviation related issues. So please feel free to "Ask AOPA".

Sorry, we can't give advice about Divorce, even if it is how to share the value of an aircraft in your settlement!

Inevitably we get requests for help from non-members who find themselves with an aviation related issue and turn to the Association they have not seen as a benefit to them until now. If that is you, well get in touch and give us the full details of your issue and we will see if we can help. We may give you a hearing, but membership strings may be attached.

Interestingly, we are getting an increasing number of requests for help with issues you are having with other GA Organisations.

So whatever your aviation related issue, use the form below to "Ask AOPA" and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can as we have limited resource - though that could be increased if more Pilots, Instructors or Aviation businesses joined AOPA instead of getting the benefit of our work free, paid for by others.

This form is for you to ask AOPA an Aviation Related question. Please do not also separately email or phone us with the same query as it leads to duplication of effort.

We will consider questions from non-members if the question has wider GA implications or you are genuinely considering AOPA membership, in which case you may also ask pre-joining questions about AOPA if you are unable to find the answer on this website.

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